For 3.2.P.3.3 Description of Manufacturing Process and Process Controls, what information is required for chemical drug products?

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A flow diagram should be presented giving the steps of the process and showing where materials enter the process. The critical steps and points at which process controls, intermediate tests or final product controls are conducted should be identified. A narrative description of the manufacturing process, including packaging, that represents the sequence of steps undertaken and the scale of production should also be provided. Novel processes or technologies and packaging operations that directly affect product quality should be described with a greater level of detail. Equipment should, at least, be identified by type (e.g., tumble blender, in-line homogeniser) and working capacity, where relevant.

Steps in the process should have the appropriate process parameters identified, such as time, temperature, or pH. Associated numeric values can be presented as an expected range. Numeric ranges for critical steps should be justified in Section 3.2.P.3.4. In certain cases, environmental conditions (e.g., low humidity for an effervescent product) should be stated. Proposals for the reprocessing of materials should be justified. Any data to support this justification should be either referenced or filed in this section (3.2.P.3.3).



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