Health Technology Assessment

What is Health Technology Assessment (HTA)?

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HTA is a systematic evaluation of the health technologies regarding the operational performance, effectiveness and impact of the technology. It is an analytical framework which uses multidisciplinary methodologies. The two major domains of HTA are clinical effectiveness analysis, i.e. efficacy analysis; and economic analysis, which includes cost-effectiveness analysis and budget impact analysis. HTA does not take any default positions during the assessment process, and its perspective is policy-oriented. The main function of HTA is to provide policymakers advisory opinions purely based on scientific evidence during the decision-making process. Based on the HTA results, policymakers will be able to comprehend the value of technological innovation, deal with uncertainties, effectively manage opportunities and challenges caused by health technologies and make appropriate resource allocation.

To get the formal HTA definition by the World Health Organization (WHO), please go to http://www.who.int/health-technology-assessment/en/.

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