Health Technology Assessment

What is assessed by the CDE HTA Division?

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Currently, the health technology assessment cases handled by the HTA team include the following categories:

  1. Pharmaceutical products
    1. Breakthrough Drugs which are classified by NHIA and claimed by sponsors;
    2. General New Drugs with new medical/molecular entities, new formulations, or new route of administration as approved by the competent authority;
  2. New Medical Devices.
  3. Medical procedures
  4. Research projects with specific health technologies commissioned by the NHIA.
  5. Government-funded research project on specific healthcare or welfare intervention.

The HTA team also accepts commissions from other health authorities in the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW), including Health Promotion Administration and Center for Disease Control (CDC), etc. to conduct various HTA-related projects.

  1. The HTA team is accountable for the development of HTA process and methods (such as educating the patient involved in HTA guideline and Horizon scanning), promotion of international cooperation, the organization of education and training programs, and provision of consultation services to pharmaceutical manufacturers who apply for NHI reimbursement.



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