Health Technology Assessment

How does the HTA Division carry out assessments?

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When the CDE receives pharmaceutical reimbursement applications from the NHIA, an evaluation team will be set up for each case. Two primary reviewers will be assigned to perform the comparative clinical efficacy evaluation and economic evaluation, respectively. Besides reviewing the documents submitted by the applicants, primary reviewers will also conduct searches and compilation of evidence data. Data regarding efficacy and cost-effectiveness are gathered from public sources such as HTA reports from the UK NICE, Canada CADTH and Australia PBAC; and electronic databases (e.g. Cochrane Library, PubMed, EMBASE etc). After the primary reviewers’ complete assessments, their report will be confirmed by their secondary reviewers, respectively. Based on the assessment schedule, the assessment report will be completed in 32 days, and the CDE will submit the report as an official document to the NHIA within 42 days. The assessment reports of the HTA Division will be used to support the decisions on NHI listing at the Pharmaceutical Benefit and Reimbursement Scheme Joint Meeting (PBRS). By law (the second-generation NHI Act), the PBRS is a joint appraisal committee composed of 30 members from government officials, health professionals, healthcare providers and consumer representatives (employers and beneficials).

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