Health Technology Assessment

If the assessment reports from the UK, Canada and Australia are used as reference, do products that have undergone HTA or economic assessment in other countries need to be assessed locally?

刊登日期:2019-04-15  |  點閱次數 : 1552 次 

The consideration regarding this issue is that the provided service and expense of local healthcare structure may be different from that of other countries. Thus, the cost-effectiveness comparison of the proposed new drugs to other NHI-listed drugs in Taiwan scenario might be completely different from that of other countries. In addition, if there are ethnic differences in efficacy and safety for new drugs submitted for NHI listing, it will be more reasonable to perform HTA based on local usage condition.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Health and Welfare-approved indications, local disease epidemiological data and the likely impact on the NHI's finances must be taken into considered. Such data cannot be obtained from assessment reports from other countries. Another issue is that the objectivity and integrity of the translated data need to be confirmed. In conclusion, there is a different level of actual demand in Taiwan for performing technology assessments on new drugs NHI listing. However, assessment results from other countries are important references to significantly reduce the time spent on searching and compiling relevant raw data from scratch.

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